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Burma Superstar + Burma Love

If you mention the name Burma Superstar to any San Franciscan, you'll likely hear the words "long lines" and "crazy wait times."  Burma Superstar is an iconic local establishment and they hit the ground running 25 years ago, bringing the bold, savory-spicy flavors of Myanmar to the Bay Area. Hockeystick was recently enlisted to help them launch Burma Love on social media: Burma Superstar’s contemporary sister restaurant. 


Burma Love's menu features traditional Burmese dishes such as the Tea Leaf Salad and Nan Pia Dok, as well as a variety of flavors and spices from neighboring countries: China, India, Thailand and Laos. 


While the decor of the restaurant comes off as sophisticated and mature, the client wanted their Instagram feed to come off as “inviting” and avoid being “too cool.” To achieve this look, we went with brighter warmer tones and brought out the oranges, whites and greens to create a cohesive feed.


One month into taking over Burma Love’s Instagram profile, we moved quickly to host an influencer event to take advantage of the city re-opening right before summer. The event immediately resulted in 70% more lunch sales (post-pandemic) for 2 weeks straight after the event.

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