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Proper Food

With over 13 locations in San Francisco and New York, Proper Food is changing the food space by making it easy to eat well on the run. They provide a broad assortment of breakfast, lunch and dinner items, all prepared fresh every morning using the best ingredients that’s packed and ready to go. Hockeystick was enlisted to help Proper Food re-vamp their brand on social media. Over the past 2 years and counting, we've created an online presence, brought their voice and persona to life, and created seasonal content that continues to live on their website. 

"Cyn helped us kickstart our instagram - helping us with both content creation and posting. Cyn is simply the best in terms of food photography! We’ve tried many photographers in both SF and NY and no one comes close to Cyn in terms of making the food shine. Added bonus that it’s an absolute delight to work with her."

- Dana Bloom, Founder of Proper Food

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