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samovar tea

Samovar Tea has three successful restaurant locations within SF, and serves sophisticated flights of tea and healthy entrees. Much of their diners comprises a mixture of SF locals, tourists and Gen X’ers- their goal is to attract more millennials and reach more locals.

We were tasked to up their Instagram game, draw in a millennial crowd, refresh their brand, and craft their online voice + persona.

We wanted to make “tea time” trendy and fun at Samovar. The content we created for them captures the beauty of their colorful teas, artfully plated meals and use of interesting ingredients. We intentionally showcased their unique interior and beautiful outdoor seating so customers can visually experience the food and restaurant setting. We also organized highly effective and impactful influencer events on-site. Our goal was to get SF’s top bloggers excited about the menu and in-turn share their experience to their followership of over 500,000 people.

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